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Single Cask - 2nd Release

Single Cask - 2nd Release

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Edition:02 For our second single cask release we worked with another great local distiller. A reserve of the Lot2 Extra Dry vermouth was blended with grape brandy by Alley 6 in Healdsburg. The brandy is made from 100% white grapes, and distilled indirect-fire in traditional copper alembic potstills in order to keep the wonderful aromas of the white wines. The ABV was brought up to 23.5% from 16.5%.The barrel was hand-selected from Iconic Wine's premium Chardonnay program. The barrel was freshly dumped and still wet when the vermouth was added to the barrel. The vermouth was then aged for 12 months before bottling. The final product was bottled unfined and unfiltered directly from cask to bottle by hand. Every bottle is hand-filled, waxed,and numbered. Only 440 Bottles were produced. 

Profile:The nose opens with seaside brine, heavycream, and an herbgarden’s worth of oregano, thyme, and sage. The pallet is round and silky, with dried pear, bayleaf, and fennel.

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