About us

Rockwell Vermouth offers a fresh American take on a classic European spirit.

We’ve spent years on a quest to find the right ingredients, partners, and processes for the perfect American Vermouth. Along the way, we discovered golden cane sugar caramelized for the impeccable balance of bitter and sweet by experts in the Carolinas; California black mission figs sun-dried by a family with over ninety years’ experience; a UC Davis-developed grape clone to serve as our base; and supportive local ranchers who allowed us to forage Artemisia Californica herbs from their Carmel Valley hillsides.

We conducted more than three hundred herb extract trials across more than one hundred recipe batches. The result is an herbaceous and aromatic vermouth worthy of modern American cocktail culture.

Handcrafted in California, each small-batch production of Rockwell Vermouth is a testament to what's possible when passionate artisans from around the country work together toward a shared vision.