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Native Amber Vermouth - Lot 1

Native Amber Vermouth - Lot 1

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Our Native Amber Vermouth is a unique blend of indigenous botanicals. The result is a medium-sweet vermouth with bright green citrus aromas of gooseberry and grapefruit rind, contrasted by bitter aromatic herbs like Yerba Sante, Artemisia Californica and Quassia Amara. The strong flavors are tempered by 100% organic blue agave nectar. To add to the complexity and body of the vermouth, a portion of the base wine was skin fermented until dry and aged for 18 months in barrel.

While agave spirits may have been the inspiration behind the development of the Native Amber Vermouth, it is also great neat or on the rocks.


KEY BOTANICALS: Gooseberry, Yerba Buena, Grapefruit, Quassi Wood.

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